Discover the documentary “Mato Grosso do Sul: Exponent of Ecotourism for the World”

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The platform LPM.World in partnership with Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Foundation launched in 2023 a documentary series called “Mato Grosso do Sul: Exponent of Ecotourism for the World”.

The four episodes are a revealing look at the diversity and natural and cultural riches of ecotourism in the state, showing how this region has become an example for the world with its work and commitment to promoting tourism, aligned with its focus on sustainability. Preservation and conservation, added to the formation of environmental awareness in each transformative experience experienced by visitors in the natural wonders of the destination.

Traveling through the rivers with crystal clear waters and the ancient caves of the municipality of Bonito to the scenic waterfalls of the Serra da Bodoquena, arriving at the tradition of the Pantanal man and the viola de cocho in the biodiversity sanctuary of the Pantanal to the Serra do Amolar that opens onto the tourism with the strength of riverside women.

The documentary features award-winning audiovisual names in its production: the direction and cinematography is by Maxwell Polimanti, the direction and script by Adriana Farias and the executive production by Gisele Abrahão, renowned professional in the Tourism Industry.

All this work that has been done by the destination and documented about ecotourism in Mato Grosso do Sul has been covered and exposed internationally, disseminating Brazil's cultural and natural heritage, as well as the potential of ecotourism as a tool for mobilizing sustainable actions and environmental awareness .

The documentary series “Mato Grosso do Sul: Exponent of Ecotourism for the World”, was selected to be shown at the international film festival Travel FilmFest, in October 2023, on the Island of Cyprus. The work was the only Brazilian representative to be a finalist in the best documentary category.

Director and screenwriter Adriana Faria will be present in a live webinar here on the platform to comment on the production and behind-the-scenes of the documentary. The live content will be available on demand on Canal do Mato Grosso do Sul, here at Bureau Mundo!

Check out the episodes below and be surprised by Mato Grosso do Sul and its ecotourism possibilities:

The first episode of the documentary series explores how ecotourism is a powerful tool for preservation and environmental awareness. Accompanied by experienced guides, the journey of tourists in search of unique and immersive experiences in nature, such as rappelling 90 meters high in the Boca da Onça complex and floating on the Sucuri river, is witnessed, at the same time as they learn about the importance of conservation to ensure the sustainability of this type of tourism and natural heritage for future generations. 

The second episode of the documentary series is a journey to the center of the Earth. The journey continues through the legendary and enigmatic caves in the municipalities of Bonito and Jardim, showing the connection between human beings and nature. It also combines environmental education in the largest freshwater complex in the world, Bioparque Pantanal, in Campo Grande. A tour of learning and discovery through Lagoa Misteriosa, Abismo Anhumas, Gruta do Lago Azul, where ecotourism flourishes as a symbol of environmental awareness.

The third episode is a celebration of Pantanal culture. Addressing the formation of the Pantanal being, influenced by four peoples: indigenous people, São Paulo colonizers, enslaved black people and Paraguayans, and the intimate relationship with nature. Ecotourism is presented as a tool for building environmental awareness, and foreign and Brazilian visitors highlight their admiration for wildlife and local cuisine. 

The fourth and final episode of the documentary about ecotourism in Mato Grosso do Sul highlights Serra do Amolar, an icon of the Alto Pantanal that is considered a natural heritage of humanity and a World Biosphere Reserve. The deep connection between riverside women and nature is explored, highlighting them as guardians of the biome and the culture of water hyacinth braiding. In addition, bird watching activities are discussed, which stimulate mental health and promote wildlife conservation, as well as the efforts of the Instituto Homem Pantaneiro to preserve and restore the Pantanal after the devastating fires of 2020.

To access more content about the destination, Access the Mato Grosso do Sul channel on Bureau Mundo here, with on-demand webinars and a course for tourism professionals to specialize in the municipalities of Bonito and Bodoquena!


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