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Visit Norway´s teams are happy to invite you to Visit Norway Insights, a digital meeting place between Norwegian destinations and you, the travel trade – from all over the world. In our platform, through digital seminars and virtual fam trips, we want to inspire you, give you more in-depth knowledge, and more opportunities to interact with us.

Visit Norway Insights 2021

each event IS composed of 2 days:


Meet our regional destination companies! During the first day you will learn about the locations and services provided by the partners. Each speaker will share presentations and videos to show you the amazing experiences you guests can enjoy when visiting Norway.


Our regional destination companies are looking forward to welcome you digitally to their region, giving you a live taste of what they have to offer within the different themes. From the seminars and detailed introductions, we take to on a short visit to see and experience with your own eyes.  


Visit Norway Insights 2022

stay for a while...

Norway – a country of contrasts.

The coastline, mountain plateaus and inland is what makes Norway such a wonderful country offering so much to experience with different activities, but also within nature experiences. You can experience snow in the mountain, and 20 minutes later, coming down to the narrow fjord – where the grass is green, flowers are in bloom, and birds are singing. And travelling from South to Norway, halfway there, you will cross the Polar Circle. You are now entering  the magic of the Arctic, where the sun never sets during summer, and the Northern lights dances across the skies during Autumn and Winter.

Four different seasons – all full of magic experiences. And with so many contrasts in where you choose to experience them. Norway is not fully experienced with just one visit. So welcome to Norway – again and again, and, please, stay for a while!


Spring - May 19th - 2pm

When the white carpet of snow starts melting, it is like nature, animals and people awakens after a long sleep. A spectre of colours and sounds sizzle and appears, and gives energy to all life. In the north the sun returns, and the daylight stays longer for every day. Snow melting in the mountains feeds the waterfalls, and the contrasts with white snow covered mountain tops and the blooming fjord landscape creates live images that can take your breath away. So, please, stay for a while!

Summer - June 15th - 2pm

For many, summer is sun, bathing and hot humid weather. A Norwegian Summer day, can also be like that. But also so much more. Get wind in your hair standing on a mountain top, or at the coast while the waves gives you salty showers. Put on your skis or snow shoes, and enjoy glacier skiing just wearing shorts and a tshirt. Play golf at 2am under the Midnight sun. Or enjoy a festival with bands playing till dawn. Please, stay for a while!

Autumn - August 31st - 2pm

When the nature changes from green into yellow, orange and red – and the sky is more blue than you have ever seen before, reflecting in to lakes and fjords, the magical season of Autumn is here. It is the season of colours and harvest. It is the season for crisp mornings and for northern lights dancing above us. So bring your hiking shoes, and please, stay for a while!

Winter - November 30th - 2pm

The white landscape is a blank sheet to fill with new experiences every day. Whether you are looking for adrenaline rush, or romantic moments – Norway has something to offer everyone. And do not be afraid to be cold or freezing. If there is something we Norwegians know, it is how to dress for the weather, and we love to help you out. After a full day with adventures, enjoy a hot drink in front of the fire place, before going out to see the limitless skies, with millions of stars – and maybe lady Aurora dancing over the night sky for you. So, please, stay for a while!

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