Understand how one of the main trends in post-pandemic tourism can be a reality in the African Archipelago

Workcation Seychelles program allows you to work and enjoy the destination in a single trip – photo: Michel Denousse

Waking up on islands bathed by the Indian Ocean, with turquoise waters and the sun shining as you prepare for another day of work is possible in Seychelles. The Archipelago of 115 islands is an ideal destination for anyone looking to combine work and leisure in the midst of a paradisiacal setting.

Following the trend that strengthened during the Covid-19 pandemic, Seychelles launched, still in 2021, the “Workcation Seychelles”, an incentive program for the modality, which combines the words and concepts of working and vacationing. ). With the help of technology and the increase in the number of workers who have migrated to the home-office model, it is possible to maintain the work routine and explore all the beauties that the islands have to offer.

The program proposes to experience a new culture, stunning scenery and also promote new opportunities for local partnerships. In addition, it offers a series of benefits to workers, who can be self-employed or linked to companies. Among them are: facilities and discounts for long-term accommodation, access to health services and the possibility of staying from a month to a year in the country.

The main conditions for participating in the “Seychelles Workcation” program are: having a valid passport, providing documents proving the employment relationship with a company or proving self-employment, proving source of income and presenting medical and travel insurance. All requirements and conditions can be consulted through the website.

The Seychelles Islands are a destination with attractions and beauty for different profiles, from families (who can also benefit from the Workcation program, with extended stay permits) to solo travelers who want to experience the country and its many possibilities.

For more information about the destination, visit www.seychelles.com/home.


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With a guaranteed presence on the lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Seychelles offers all kinds of outdoor activities and water sports, in addition to a warm people and vibrant culture. Seychelles is also home to the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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