Local cuisine is heavily influenced by Germanic culture

There are many ways to get to know a destination while traveling. One of the most delicious is through its gastronomy. In Blumenau it is no different. With a strong influence from German cuisine, the city's typical dishes combine German tradition with Brazilian ingredients.

Influenced by the customs brought by its settlers, most of the restaurants in Blumenau have pork meat and different types of beers on their menus. No wonder Blumenau won the title of National Beer Capital and is home to the Oktoberfest Blumenau, the second largest in the world and the largest German party in the Americas. In 2022, the event is already scheduled: October 5th to 23rd.

Discover below some traditional and unmissable dishes to try during your visit to Blumenau.

Pork Knee/Eisbein

Eisbein or pork knee is one of the most popular and traditional dishes in Blumenau. The recipe has variations of preparation, and can be boiled or baked. The dish is typically accompanied by sauerkraut, a fermented cabbage preserve.

Stuffed mallard /Gefüllte ente

The stuffed hunchback is another traditional German dish that is part of the cuisine of Blumenau. In its most traditional version, the bird is roasted with a filling of offal, beef and side dishes such as sauerkraut, red cabbage and mashed potatoes or apples. The dish brings to the table the bittersweet taste of German cuisine and can be enjoyed in several restaurants in Blumenau.

Hackapeter / Mett

Hackapeter also known as Mett is a dish made with raw meat and strong spices. In Brazil, beef is normally used for the preparation, but in Germany it is made with pork. Black pepper, hot paprika and Worcestershire sauce are some of the seasonings that make up Mett, in addition to brandy. Served with black bread, it's a great option to eat with a craft beer from the region.


One of the best known German sweets, Strudel is a dessert that cannot be left out on your trip to Blumenau. Strudel, which in German means swirl, is a multi-layered puff pastry traditionally filled with apple. Today versions are also found with other fruits such as bananas and pineapples. The candy can be served cold or hot and is found in most colonial bakeries and cafes in the city.

Streuselkuchen / Cuca

Another very traditional sweet in Blumenau is Cuca or Streuselkuchen (kunchen: cake), in German. With a sweet and crumbly dough, the cuca is a cake covered with a kind of sweet flour. Adapted in Brazil, it is usually made with a banana flour topping and is so appreciated and popular in Blumenau that it has its own festival, BlumenKuchen.

To learn more about Blumenau, access www.turismoblumenau.com.br and the website www.gvaticias.com

About Blumenau

Municipality of the State of Santa Catarina, located in the region of the European Valley, Blumenau was  colonized in 1850 by the German pharmacist and philosopher Dr. Hermann Bruno Otto  Blumenau, who arrived in the city accompanied by 17 other settlers, also from Germany. Later, immigrants arrived from Italy and Poland. Blumenau has a series of  attractions such as museums, monuments, squares and half-timbered houses, in addition to organizing  events and parties responsible for increasing the local economy and moving  thousands of tourists. The city hosts the Oktoberfest Blumenau, the second largest in the world and the  biggest German party in the Americas, and is officially the Brazilian Capital of Beer.  Blumenau is among the ten largest and best cities in Brazil and holds the Safe seals  Travels, from WTTC, and Viaje+SC, from Santur, which qualifies it as a safe destination for the  tourism.


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