The project seeks to educate travel agents about tourist offers in the Balkan country

USAID's Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam) project announces the launch of the Portuguese version of its Online Travel Agents Academy, with the aim of reaching, informing and educating tour operators and travel agents based in Brazil on Bosnia and Herzegovina's incredible, rich and diverse tourism offerings.

The new course provides valuable and detailed material for the Brazilian travel industry on the different tourism products and experiences the country has to offer. When travel agents successfully complete the course, they will receive a certificate “Certified BiH Specialist” and can start looking for business partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which increases their capabilities to plan and sell unforgettable, high-value travel experiences to a wide range of travel segments. The platform also includes a list of qualified DMCs with whom Certified BiH Specialists can partner.

Medjugorje – Catholic pilgrimage site

With consumers continually looking for new destinations, Bosnia and Herzegovina presents a fascinating opportunity for Brazilian travelers. “We are convinced that this program will help travel agents sell the destination to Brazilian tourists and increase the number of arrivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said USAID Turizam Chief of Staff Feđa Begović. “We are excited to launch this program and work with the Brazilian travel industry to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina's rich cultural heritage, exceptional sites of faith and pilgrimage, stunning natural landscapes and welcoming people.. "

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Online Travel Agents Academy brings together interesting and useful information in 5 modules that talk about the country's destinations, resources, experiences and, perhaps most importantly – the uniqueness of the destination. The modules are intended to provide general information about the destination, as well as to delve into the thematic offers and experiences available that may be relevant to your customers. The content is complemented with high quality videos and photos that tell more about what Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer.

USAID Turizam has partnered with the Bureau World to develop, host, and launch this training program. To access the new course, simply register on the platform at: https://bureaumundo.com/bmacademy/especialista-em-bosnia-e-herzegovina/.

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