New kits from beauty brands Coccinelle and Hackett offer high quality products for a better flight experience

New Coccinelle women's kit – photo: Turkish Airlines/Kaelis 

Turkish Airlines has launched two new travel kits for business class on flights longer than 8 hours. In partnership with high fashion brands Coccinelle and Hackett, the kits for men and women offer luxury products for a differentiated flight experience.

The women's kits by Coccinelle have an elegant and romantic design, while the men's kits by the British brand Hackett are sporty and sophisticated. In both, passengers can find: 3d sleep mask designed to accommodate the contours of the face, breathable socks, pressure-balancing earplugs, oral hygiene kit with recyclable packaging, hair clip, plus hygiene care products. skin.

New Hackett men's kit – photo:Turkish Airlines/Kaelis 

Turkish Airlines offers versatile products with rich content especially for its frequent flyers. The superior quality and attractive designs of the Business Class kits carry signatures from big names in fashion, which take the travel experience to a whole new level. All products in the collection bring luxury brands, quality and modern lines.

For more information about Turkish Airlines, visit I www.turkishairlines.co .


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