Through the partnership, passengers will be able to purchase tickets to destinations in Brazil from flights departing from Istanbul and many other airports in Asia, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa.

Turkish Airlines and GOL Linhas Aéreas announced a Codeshare and FFP (Frequent Flyer Partnership), a partnership for frequent flyers. The codeshare provides that Turkish Airlines passengers from Africa, Asia, the Far East and the Middle East can purchase connections with the entire network operated by GOL in Brazil and to destinations in Asunción, Santiago, Montevideo and Lima.

Currently, Turkish Airlines operates 7 weekly flights to São Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos (GRU). With the codeshare agreement, Turkish Airlines passengers will be able to directly purchase tickets for flights operated by GOL in Brazil through the airline's sales channels.

In addition to this codeshare, Turkish Airlines and GOL also reached a consensus on launching the FFP cooperation for frequent flyers. TK Miles&Smiles and GOL SMILES members will have access to accrual and redemption benefits on both airlines. The FFP partnership will start soon, and the accrued benefits will be provided later.

About the agreement, Bilal Ekşi, CEO of Turkish Airlines said: “As Turkish Airlines, we are pleased to launch the codeshare and FFP cooperation with GOL, which will allow passengers unique travel alternatives via Istanbul for Brazilian domestic routes. They will enjoy the benefits of FFP with new flight options, as well as a more convenient travel experience.”

“As two of the leading airlines in Brazil and Turkey, GOL and Turkish Airlines offer the best experience to their passengers. Allowing Turkish Airlines passengers to reach the largest number of flights and destinations in Brazil with this agreement is a pleasure for us.” says Paulo Kakinoff, president of GOL. “This will be another opportunity for the world to discover the beauties of Brazil through the various Turkish Airlines connections for GOL flights across the country.” added the CEO.

Codeshare and FFP partnership will bring benefits to Passengers

After being approved by the Brazilian authorities, the codeshare agreement between the airlines will allow passengers to enjoy GOL's 60 domestic destinations from São Paulo (GRU). In the future, the companies will work to expand the agreement to other international destinations operated by GOL. For Brazilians, the Company will offer connections with Turkish Airlines in Istanbul and many other airports around the world.

Soon, the segments will also be able to be computed for accumulation and use in Smiles, GOL's loyalty program. Once the system's integration is complete, the FFP agreement will bring accrual and redemption benefits to Miles&Smiles and Smiles members.

For more information about Turkish Airlines, visit I www.turkishairlines.co.


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