The airline begins to participate in the program that contributes to ensuring greater accessibility to Invisible PWDs

The Sunflower Lanyard (“sunflower lanyard”), a symbol of invisible disabilities around the world, can be obtained from service desks located in the Domestic and International terminals at Istanbul Airport

Turkish Airlines, under the “Differences Add Value” program, is working to raise awareness among its staff and improve its services to ensure better service for its passengers with invisible disabilities such as autism, dementia, anxiety and visual impairments. or auditory.

About the new program, Turkish Airlines CEO Bilal Ekşi highlighted: “While we are enhancing the privileged travel experience we offer as Turkish Airlines, we focus on our passengers' expectations and needs and develop projects accordingly. Thus, we are able to welcome hundreds of thousands of travelers from different cultures and regions with a high satisfaction rating above the clouds. As the airline that flies to more countries than any other and believes that every destination on its network has its gems waiting to be discovered, we will continue to develop services that will remove barriers before clouds do.”

Working with Turkish Airlines on the project, Hidden Disabilities CEO Paul White highlighted: “We are delighted that Turkish Airlines has joined the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. Providing our training to 17.000 employees is an incredible achievement that shows the airline's commitment to making aviation accessible. Passengers with non-visible disabilities can travel to 129 countries with Turkish Airlines, confident that the airline's staff will welcome them with kindness, patience and understanding.”

The Sunflower Lanyard (“sunflower lanyard”), a symbol of invisible disabilities around the world, can be obtained from service desks located in the Domestic and International terminals at Istanbul Airport.

For more information about Turkish Airlines, visit I www.turkishairlines.co.


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