Research by the World Tourism Organization also shows that 10% of the world's flow of travelers is part of the LGBTQIA+ community and that the LGBTQIA+ public represents 15% of annual revenue in travel around the world

2022 IBGE survey reveals that 12% of Brazilians identify as asexual, lesbians, gay, bisexual or transgender. Photo: Disclosure

The month of June, of LGBTQIA+ Pride, is a period marked by events and marches aimed at this community in different places around the world, including Brazil. In addition to the cultural relevance of the events, there is a great impact on tourism and the world economy generated by the celebrations and activities that take place in the period.

A demonstration of this are the results of the 2022 São Paulo LGBTQIA+ Parade, which raised 764 million reais, with more than 40% of participants not residing in the city. These data are strengthened by the IBGE study of the same year, which reveals that 12% of Brazilians identify themselves as asexual, lesbians, gay, bisexual or transgender. Paying attention to the fact that the LGBTQIA+ community includes other categories in addition to those mentioned (such as queer, intersex, and others, symbolized by the “+” in the acronym), this percentage can reach an even larger number of Brazilians belonging to this group.

LGBTQIA+ parade in São Paulo in 2022 raised R$764 million. Photo: publicity

Another relevant point disclosed by the World Tourism Organization regarding the LGBTQIA+ public is the fact that they represent 15% of the annual revenue in trips around the world and that LGBTQIA+ tourism is 30% more profitable than that of the heterosexual public, according to Research by the International Association of LGBT Tourism (IGLTA). Moreover, according to research by Out Leadership, the only organization in the LGBT+ field that operates globally with an exclusive focus on business, Brazil leads the market in this segment of foreign travel. According to the association, Brazil is responsible for around 27 billion dollars, a value second only to the United States.

On possible actions to further stimulate LGBTQIA+ tourism, Rangel Vilas Boas, creator of the startup Special, which has just launched its own channel at Bureau Mundo, highlighted: “In addition to ensuring greater representation in tourism campaigns, it is necessary to create new approaches for campaigns designed for the LGBT public. More accurately understand the connection between audiences and destinations and industry trends in the short and long term. "

Despite all these numbers, which are strong indicators of how the LGBTQIA+ tourism market is in fact heated, it is necessary to consider that in more than 70 countries, homoaffective relationships can lead to arrest or criminal prosecution. In addition, there are dozens of countries where a person can be executed because of a sexual orientation that deviates from the considered standard.

In 2021, a survey carried out by the international travel booking platform Booking.com, concluded that more than half of LGBTQIA+ travelers had negative experiences on their trips. In this sense, Rangel pointed out: “The first point is to promote more spaces for dialogue. I believe that Sonder, in this new moment at Bureau Mundo, can contribute in this sense. The second point is to better understand the pain of these travelers, both in a social and consumption aspect. Representativeness and acceptance are pillars of exchange. Within Bureau Mundo, specifically, this exchange must take place between those who promote destinations and those who sell destinations to the LGBTQIA+ audience, through our digital content. "


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