Cooking typical dishes and practicing water sports on the beach of Anse Royale, on the island of Mahé, are the new activities that Seychelles offers to its visitors.

With paradisiacal beaches, exuberant flora and rich cultural heritage, Seychelles is a tourist destination capable of satisfying the most different interests. The 115 islands that make up the Seychelles archipelago bring together activities that allow visitors to interact with local culture and nature in a responsible manner.

Marked by exotic flavors, the gastronomy Creole deserves special attention during your stay in Seychelles. The traveler has the opportunity to participate in an exclusive on-site culinary experience. From January 2022, visitors will be able to learn about local spices and ingredients and help prepare typical Seychelles dishes in an authentic cooking class. Creole. The experience takes place in the Cap Lazare Nature Reserve, located on the southwest coast of the island of Mahé, and caters for 2 people or a family per day, from Monday to Saturday.

The Seychelles Food Tour is offered by the local operator Creole Travel Service and reservations are required. In addition to learning how to cook local dishes, the tour starts at the colorful Sir Selwyn Clark market in Victoria, capital of Mahé, where the tourist accompanies the chef in shopping for the ingredients that will be used in the preparation of the dishes. It's a chance to discover the flavors of the fruits and vegetables that make up the country's rich cuisine.

A natural refuge, the Cap Lazare Nature Reserve has other attractions such as a hydroponic farm, which provides fresh fruits and vegetables, a colony of giant tortoises, a lookout point, ecological trails and private access to a white sand beach.

To the south of the island of Mahé, in its crystal clear waters, visitors can now practice various water sports. Anse Royale beach gains a structure to serve the visitor interested in exploring the Seychelles sea in kayaks, stand up paddle, pedal boats, water bikes and snorkeling. The tourist itinerary in Anse Royale also includes hiking trails, island tours and sunrise kayaking. All activities are provided by Royal Bay Watersports, which takes into account weather conditions and the tide table.

For more information about the destination, visit  www.seychelles.com/home and the   

website www.gvaticias.com.  

about Seychelles   
An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is dotted with platinum sandy beaches, framed by granite boulders, turquoise seas and year-round tropical weather. For those who want to see and do it all, the archipelago has excellent conditions for practicing sports, great restaurants with international and Creole (local) cuisine, dance and music shows. For the modern traveler, the islands represent an escape and the opportunity to recalibrate their soul in harmony with the primal essence of nature. In addition, Seychelles values ​​sustainable tourism, given that about 50% of its area is under environmental protection, and it is believed that the original site of the Garden of Eden is in the country, in the so-called Vallée de Mai.   


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With a guaranteed presence on the lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Seychelles offers all kinds of outdoor activities and water sports, in addition to a warm people and vibrant culture. Seychelles is also home to the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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