The report “BUZZ vs. REALITY” indicates the main trends for luxury tourism in 2023

New and important trends for luxury tourism in 2023 were recently indicated based on the ILTM report – photo: Four Season Resort Seychelles (disclosure)

At the end of 2022, surveys on the tourism industry were released, indicating the main luxury trends for 2023. During the luxury tourism event ILTM, held in Cannes, France, the second edition of the report “BUZZ vs. REALITY”, in partnership with ILTM, American Express e Altiant.

Trends revealed for this segment are often carefully monitored by the entire tourism industry; since behavioral trends initiated in this select niche generally extend to other travel segments.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, national and international tourism has undergone several operational transformations, which have resulted in profound changes in traveler behavior. After this pandemic period, the sector increased its market share, especially in the luxury segment. As a result, new and important trends for luxury tourism in 2023 were indicated based on the report of the ILTM, that are:

  • Many tourists saved with the 2020 and 2021 restrictions and are now looking for more exclusive and memorable trips – known as the expression “revenge travel”.
  • The idea of ​​making up for lost time will also drive the continued increase in travel. Visiting family and friends continues to guide the choice of travel destinations for many tourists.
  • The term Slow travel remains one of the travel trends for 2023. The expression indicates that travelers are looking for longer and more peaceful trips, or at least with less “obligations” and more time to relax and recharge.
  • Specialized travel agents and consultants gained even more prominence in this niche, where 59% of those interviewed by the study plan to use the services of these professionals to assist with their travels.
  • According to research, there was a decrease in natural movement "Last minute" or the famous leaving everything to the last minute, currently most respondents prefer to plan their vacation well in advance.
  • Travel focused on physical and mental well-being “wellness travel” continue to rise on luxury travelers' priority lists.
  • Cruises and small vessels, whether by sea or river, expedition or not, should see a significant increase in the search for luxury travel.
  • For tourists, the main factors that define their booking and trip are health and safety.
  • The sustainability of destinations or travel becomes a priority for the luxury segment, where carbon offsetting and the search for more engaged and responsible tourist services are key topics for tourists.
  • In the Brazilian market, travelers interviewed demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and are the most likely, among the destinations evaluated, to take various types of trips in the coming year, including trips for remote work, also known as “anywhere office”.

ILTM recently released a “Luxury Travel Yearbook” produced in partnership with Panrotas and focused, above all, on the Brazilian and Latin American market; Where two exclusive surveys conducted by TRVL LAB are heard on travel habits and consumption among Brazilians with monthly income greater than 20 minimum wages. This survey shows that 60% of Brazilian luxury travelers are in the Southeast region, followed by the Northeast (19%) and South (12%). In general, travelers say they are prioritizing travel with ease, practicality and quality of services and attractions available.

In surveys carried out in 2023, there is a trend towards an increase in the permanence of domestic trips, where most travelers make 2 to 5 domestic trips per year and should maintain this average (although 7,11% of them make more than 20 trips within Brazil per year). In the scenario of international travel, the majority claimed to have made a single trip abroad in the last 12 months. On the other hand, as global studies show, 50% of respondents say they are willing to spend more on travel than pre-pandemic.

Among those interviewed, 43,1% said they had domestic and international travel plans for 2023. The countries most sought after by Brazilians for international travel have been the United States, Portugal, Italy, Argentina and England.


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