With stunning scenery, unique nature activities and romance amidst the Nordic lands, Norway offers plenty of options for couples

Norway is a diverse country, full of options for different types of trips and travelers. For couples looking for a romantic trip, the Nordic country offers unusual and unforgettable options. Discover some of the best activities and attractions for a trip as a couple:

The natural phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun, happens between April and August every year – photo: Narvikfjellet – Visit Norway.

The midnight sun

With part of its territory located in the Arctic Circle, Norway experiences one of the most beautiful natural phenomena: the midnight sun; in which the Sun can be seen for a period of 24 hours in the day. This phenomenon occurs annually between April 20th and August 22nd and its landscape worthy of a cinematographic scenario, with the sky dyed in a distinctive reddish yellow, can be appreciated through unique outdoor activities.

Great Norwegian cities: perfect spots for those more inclined towards urban centers

For couples who prefer to enjoy an urban environment, large Norwegian cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, Stavanger, Ålesund, Bodø, Fredrikstad and Kristiansand offer a variety of possibilities, ranging from museums and galleries to charming cafes and fine restaurants, where you can taste regional specialties with your loved one. What makes this Nordic country's biggest cities so captivating is the fact that the main attractions can be covered in a weekend, as they are organized and relatively small. Therefore, a walk through one of these cities can take the couple to incredible places, including natural landscapes that one would not imagine being able to find in an urban center.

In the vibrant Norwegian capital, Oslo, highlights will take visitors into the city's cultural life. To begin with, the MUNCH art museum, with works by the artist Edvard Munch, after whom the museum is named. With 13 floors, the grandiose (in size and in richness and variety of the collection) museum presents varied collections, which include international exhibitions, contemporary art, music, performance, cinema, among others. Another highlight is the modern art museum Astrup Fearnley, one of Scandinavia's most outstanding contemporary art museums. Last but not least, Oslo City Hall stands out; Oslo Opera House, for opera lovers; and the Deichman Bjørvika Main Library.

One of the most sought-after experiences when traveling involves tasting local food. Oslo has many excellent options for enjoying its gastronomy, such as the Farmer's Market, with local products, which is organized on most Saturdays, in Vinkelplassen, in Majorstuen, or in Birkelunden park, in Grünerløkka. A Norwegian delicacy is fresh fish from the fjord, which can be tried at the Lille Herbern restaurant, a place that can only be accessed by boat, making the experience even more unique.

Fjords, forests and lighthouses, there is no shortage of unusual options for staying as a couple in Norway – photo: Fjord Norway – Visit Norway

Accommodation in Norway: unconventional places

Norway also has the most atypical accommodation options where you can have romantic and unforgettable experiences. There is, for example, the possibility of sleeping at 640 meters above sea level overlooking the lush Lysefjord, at The Bolder Sky Lodges. There are also WonderINN accommodations, with mirrored glass huts in the forest, where travelers can contemplate the environment, but they, on the contrary, can appreciate their privacy, since they cannot be seen. 

There is another option that stands out, due to the places where they are located and their unusual character. These are the lighthouses, beautiful constructions that, in Norway, house both lodgings and cafes and restaurants. O Tranøy lighthouse, for example, is a restaurant whose menu features typical dishes of Norwegian cuisine, perfect for getting to know the local cuisine and for a dinner for two. In addition, they are ideal places for those who want to explore the Norwegian coast, with that special view of the sea. There are an average of 60 lighthouses that offer accommodation in the country and sleeping or enjoying a different meal in one of them will certainly promote a unique experience. 

Norwegian landscapes are perfect for adventurous couples to explore. – photo: CH – Visit Norway

Adventure in Norway

Finally, for the more adventurous couples, Norway has many daring options such as, for example, the many zip lines amidst the natural landscapes of this exuberant country. In them, that dose of breathtaking adrenaline will certainly be involved. The trails through different landscapes are also an excellent option for those who want to discover the exuberant nature of the country as a couple.

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