Spring in Norway ushers in a season of new activities and celebrations – photo:Ullensvang-Vidar Moløkken – Visit Norway

The Awakening of Cities

Spring begins a unique season in Norway, the white carpets of snow begin to melt and the flowers begin to bloom. The colors of the season travel across the country from north to south and the day gains more hours of light. The arrival of this period makes possible several activities specific to the season. Get to know some of the main options of the season.

With spring, cities wake up: cultural and gastronomic options and the various events fill the agendas of the main cities in Norway – photo: Christine Baglo – Visit Norway.

The timing is perfect for a visit to Norway's main cities. As soon as the first signs of spring appear – when the temperature rises above zero and the sun starts to bring some warmth – Norwegians leave the house to make the most of the new season. The sidewalks start to get busy and the locals start to enjoy the first “utepils” (beer enjoyed outdoors, in the sun) of the year. 

This year Norway has even more attractions in the season, as the region of Bodø- in the north of the country- received the title of European Capital of Culture 2024, the first recognized north of the Arctic Circle, which combines culture with outdoor activities. Bodø offers visitors and natives a whole week of fun activities, cultural events, great food and nature experiences in the Salten region.

The main holiday in the country moves the city streets with parades, music and celebrations – photo: Maverix Media AS-2 – Visit Norway.

Another highlight of the station is the Constitution Day, the main Norwegian national holiday. With parades and festivities across the country, the 17th of May is a time when Norwegians take to the streets and enjoy music, games and traditions, one of which is wearing the typical costume “bunad”, that reveals through the colors the ancestry of its user.

The fjords in full bloom

Flowering in the fields of Norway provide a unique moment in the country – photo: Visit Hardangerfjord – Øystein G. Haara

A unique experience is visiting Norway when the country wakes up from its hibernation. For a few weeks in May, in the southwestern part of Norway (the exact time varies from year to year), tens of thousands of fruit trees bloom in the fjords. Impressive snowy peaks frame the picturesque views – the same mountains that provide protection for the small areas that have fertile soil. With the help of the sun's reflection off the fjords, the landscapes create unique microclimates, which make these cozy villages perfect for growing fruit, especially apples and cherries.

Tip: The most famous place to experience the phenomenon is the Hardanger region, where you can visit a variety of idyllic fruit villages such as Lofthus, Kinsarvik and Ulvik. The Sognefjord area is another excellent option. And don't even think about leaving before tasting the result of last year's flowering – the tasty Eplemost (pure apple juice) and cider from local producers.

ski practice

Even in spring it is possible to ski in Norway – photo: Narvikfjellet -Rune Dahl – Visit Norway

Norway is an ideal destination for skiing, even in spring. “Vårskiturer” (spring skiing) is very popular in the country. In certain mountainous areas in the north, there is usually a lot of pure, fine snow until April and May. The days are warmer and longer. Even in the north, it is possible to experience the midnight sun in late spring. Several ski resorts don't close until the end of April.

In many areas, spring is the perfect season for skiing and kitesurfing. One of the options is Narvikfjellet, a ski resort in the north of the country, where it is possible to ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the fjord, even in June. Alternatively, take the train to Finse, between Oslo and Bergen, for kitesurfing and cross-country skiing on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau.

There is no shortage of activities to enjoy Norwegian spring and all other seasons with their unique characteristics and activities.


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