As you fly over Osaka towards the airport, a landscape full of ultra-modern skyscrapers fills the eyes. Also for those arriving by train at the modern Shin Osaka station, the feeling of modernity is confirmed – the bullet train ride to reach the city is quite an experience in itself.

Osaka was Japan's first capital, established in the XNUMXth century. Since then, it has continued to play a central role in the culture and economy of the entire country and is, to this day, Japan's main port city. Naturally, because of its history as a commercial hub, it has become a diverse city, with people migrating to the city and taking their ideas, values ​​and cultures with them. Hence its gastronomic richness. Many inventions that were born in and around Osaka, such as karaoke and noodles, spread across the world and became universally popular.

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Osaka is also known as the entertainment capital of Japan. Some of the most traditional styles of Japanese theater and dance, such as Noh, Bunraku and Kabuki, were developed in Osaka's culturally fertile spaces. The city is also considered the birthplace of jazz in Japan.

Dõtonbori is Osaka's main tourist destination and is certainly the most photographed place in the city. This is the name of the canal that cuts through the city, from the Dōtonboribashi Bridge to the Nipponbashi Bridge, in the district of Namba. Historically, the region was born as a theater district, but over the centuries theaters abandoned the region and their spaces became occupied by restaurants and bars. Filled with billboards and luminous signs, including the iconic image of a runner crossing a finish line. Dõtonbori is also known for its resemblance to the Blade Runner movie sets.

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During autumn, one of the best places in the region to see the incredible colors that the trees take on in the period, is in Minoo Park. The park can be reached in less than 30 minutes from downtown Osaka. Minoo Park's main hiking trail stretches about two miles through a valley along the Minoo River.

Due to the rapid growth of the city of Osaka, the Government created Osaka Bay, a set of new neighborhoods, islands and artificial peninsulas, which are home to a variety of tourist attractions, such as museums, theme parks, observatories and shopping centers. Osaka's port and international facilities are also found in the area.

There is also the bohemian neighborhood of Osaka, called Doyama. A region full of bars, nightclubs and saunas with intense movement. Doyama pleases everyone: it has cozy bars, crowded clubs reminiscent of Westerners, stages with drag shows and saunas and cruisings bars as far as the eye can see along the alleyways. This district isn't completely gay, but straight bars coexist peacefully alongside the rainbow flag. Although busier on weekends, Doyama has daily attractions.


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