Discover the best tours and attractions to discover the island for two

Barbados is a paradisiacal setting, permeated by natural beauty, unique architecture, colors and stunning landscapes that delight any visitor. However, its romantic atmosphere is especially
perfect for all couples in love. From sunset catamaran rides to diving in the beautiful turquoise waters, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy for two. Here are the best options for a romantic trip to Barbados.

Sunset at the beach
The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, lit up by the sunset, are one of the main attractions in Barbados. The famous Platinum West Coast has the perfect sunset view. To the south of the island, the beaches of Carlisle Bay, Accra Beach and Pebbles Beach also offer great scenery for lovers.

Catamaran ride
Sailing on a catamaran at sunset is the ideal tour for a romantic and unforgettable night. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the tours can be accompanied by a dinner with exquisite Barbadian cuisine and tropical drinks.

Animal Flower Cave
Located at the northernmost point of Barbados in Saint Lucia, the Animal Flower cave has been sculpted for centuries by the waves of the sea. Thus, it offers extraordinary views through its various openings facing the sea. An unmissable tour to discover for two.

Crane Resort
One of the oldest and most luxurious hotels on the island, Crane Resort combines historic architectural design with amenities for the lover, in a spectacular setting facing one of the most romantic beaches in the world.

Horseback riding on the beach
An unforgettable experience that gives travelers the opportunity to connect with the nature and beauty of the island.

QP Bistro
The Italian restaurant has one of the most stunning settings in a romantic setting. The structure was designed to accommodate couples and offer an Italian dining experience, enjoying the 180 degree view of the ocean from the patio while enjoying dinner.

Cherry Tree Hill
Visiting the island's various distilleries to sample the award-winning rum is a great trip for couples. At the Abbey of São Nicolau, a house built in 1658, visitors can visit the museum and taste its unique rum, in addition to experiencing a unique view of the island.

Hunte's Gardens
The tropical gardens are perfect for nature lovers. There, you can watch hummingbirds in search of nectar and lizards basking in the sun, or enjoy homemade rum punch and natural juices.

coral reef club
The restaurant's essence is to provide romantic dinners at sunset. It contains an outdoor spa and is set in beautiful gardens to provide the perfect getaway for couples.

The Spa at Sandy Lane
The Spa at Sandy Lane is a recommendation for couples seeking tranquility. Each treatment room contains its own garden or pool. The award-winning spa has been named one of the best in the world for showcasing the uniqueness of Bajan hospitality.


Barbados Channel

Located at the end of a chain of Caribbean islands, Barbados is a unique and idyllic destination. With lush beaches and breathtaking landscapes, the Island is also rich in cultural, gastronomic and historical options for all types of travelers. No wonder its capital, Bridgetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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