Available in Portuguese and Spanish, the course offers information on different aspects of the Nordic destination

The “Specialist in Norway” course allows Latin American tourism professionals to learn even more about the country and its tourist offer – photo: Hardanger-Vidar Moløkken – Visit Norway.

With attractions for all seasons and different profiles, Norway is a destination to be discovered. The “Specialist in Norway” course, available on the Bureau Mundo platform at  Local Guide and on the Visit Norway website at Spanish, allows Latin American tourism professionals to learn even more about the country and its tourist offer. The course in both languages ​​is free.

In different modules, essential information for the promotion of the Scandinavian destination is presented. In addition to topics such as: romantic travel, family travel, culture, nature and hospitality in Norway, the course also addresses other more specific topics such as sustainable travel, LGBTQIA+ tourism and the main annual events in the country. 

The content consists of texts, but also videos and images of the destination that illustrate the different attractions and tourist possibilities. The specialization also has a certificate of completion for all users who complete the course and a test at the end of the modules.


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