One of the main objectives of the Norwegian Government is to strengthen the rights of the LGBTQAI+ community and fight discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Photo: Magnus Furset- Visit Norway

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of sex between men in Norway, the country has designated 2022 as the Year of Queer Culture in order to raise awareness and reaffirm gender equality and plurality.

The Norwegian National Queer Archive, the National Museum and the National Library promoted common action to communicate and discuss art, culture and history queer in a national celebration during the anniversary date of the law's repeal, on April 21, 2022. According to the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil, artistic and cultural expressions can contribute to raising awareness of stigma and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community and provide a platform to promote tolerance and inclusion.

Also on the date, the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, apologized on behalf of the government: “About 119 people were criminalized and punished by those they loved. These men suffered lawsuits, convictions, and imprisonment. They were publicly stigmatized and condemned. Through legislation, but also through a host of other discriminatory practices, we as a nation and society have made it clear that we do not accept gay love. The government now wishes to apologize for this.” Additionally, on the same day, it was announced that by the end of the year, the country will present a new action plan to address the rights and needs of LGBTQIA+ people.

The Norwegian government supports international measures to combat gender-based violence and to combat persecution and discrimination against people based on sexual orientation. – Photo: Magnus Furset -Visit Norway

Also according to the Embassy, ​​the Norwegian government supports international measures to combat gender-based violence and to combat persecution and discrimination against people based on sexual orientation. In addition, 1% of the country's gross national income will be allocated to international efforts to achieve the UN goals of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

As part of Norwegian actions at the international level, the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil launched the “Essences of Norway” campaign, which promotes some of the pillars of the Nordic country. The campaign consists of a series of 5 webinars on the Norwegian Embassy Instagram and comes to its third episode with the theme of Gender Equality, next Wednesday, June 15th.

To present the episode, influencers Fábio Pastorello and Cleber Alcantara, creators of the Instagram profile Viagens Cinematográficas, @viagenscine, were invited.

About the campaign and the theme, Fábio Pastorello highlighted: “The subject of Gender Equality is very important to us, as we always try to travel and indicate to our public countries that adopt practical and effective measures to combat discrimination. Bringing these actions not only guide travelers towards future choices of destinations, but also opens space for these initiatives to be further discussed here as well”.

The first two episodes are now available and can also be watched on Instagram of the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil. Each episode highlights some of the principles and actions promoted by the country: Investment and Governance; Gender Equality and Diversity; Technology & Sustainable Energy; Environment & Climate Change; Culture and Hospitality.


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