The channel, which already has training from Seychelles and Turkey in its portfolio, is now promoting a series about the Nordic country

On March 14th, a new training will take place, Norway Experts, aimed at agents and tour operators – photo: Rondane National Park

Go Agents, a tourism school founded by the agent and director of Go Viagens Lívia Sá, inaugurates its new training on the 14th of March: the Norwegian Experts, on the Bureau Mundo platform. The training, aimed at agents and tour operators, will bring content for the promotion and offer of the Nordic destination, highlighting its particularities and opportunities and can be accessed at Go Agents channel.

During three live meetings, on the days March 14,16, 21 and 16 at XNUMXpm (BRT), Lívia will present the different options for tours, hotels and the logistics for planning a trip to Norway. Each of the trainings will bring different themes and guests to share knowledge and information, in addition to the possibility of interaction through chat.

About Norwegian Experts, Lívia Sá highlights: “Initiatives like these are fundamental for the development of travel agents. In order to perform a good service and complete the sale, the agent needs to have knowledge about the destination. The great differential of this training, as well as the others we organize, is the depth of the content of the meetings. The Norway Experts presents customized and detailed material about the destination, so that the agent becomes an expert and feels secure at the time of sale”.

The training will also offer five of the participants the chance to receive a basket with typical products from the Nordic country. Those who complete the three days of training, the course BM Academy Norway Specialist and engaging in actions that will take place on Instagram will be eligible for the award. The regulation and all the steps to participate in the action will be available on the Go Agents channel, at Bureau Mundo.

O Norwegian Experts it is the third edition of the “Experts” series and will also be available in an on-demand format, as well as the previous editions on Seychelles and Turkey. To access the training, simply register on the Bureau Mundo platform and sign up for the event through the link.


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