The Caribbean country – home to great underwater biodiversity – has some of the best scuba diving in the world

The crystalline waters of Barbados favor the practice of diving and snorkeling in the natural underwater landscapes – photo: Barbados Toursim Marketing Inc

With crystal-clear waters and lush underwater wealth, Barbados is a haven for maritime exploration. Whether it's snorkeling or diving, there's no shortage of options to discover the wonders beneath the surface.

On the Caribbean island, tourists can discover a kaleidoscope of ancient coral reefs that adorn the waters that are home to even more fascinating marine life. Varied shades of vibrant yellows and oranges appeal to lovers of the sea. Although easily found, local guides can indicate the best regions and the necessary precautions for each location. In addition, there are several options for renting equipment around the island. A very important issue for the country is the preservation of the marine environment, which is why divers must not touch or damage the corals, which grow only 2 cm per year.

For beginners and intermediate divers looking to explore the different underwater sceneries, the Bell Buoy it is a great introduction to the reefs of Barbados. Measuring between 20 and 60 feet, the naturally sloping formations are inhabited by angelfish, parrotfish and strategically dotted with coral. This formation is found along the coast of Accra beach, in the south. For more experienced divers, crossing the depths of the Shark Bank, also in the southern waters, is the ideal option. Despite what the name suggests, the region is perfectly safe.

Night dives are also a hit with locals and tourists alike. As the sun sets, enthusiasts meet their guides and prepare to experience the underwater night. An excellent point for night diving is the Dottin's on the west of the island, where adventurers should be prepared to encounter barracudas and a few schools of yellow snappers. The west coast is one of the country's highlights, where visibility of up to 95 feet makes it one of the best snorkeling regions in the world.

The wreck SS Stavronikita was deliberately sunk under the waters of St. James to act as reefs – photo: Barbados Tourism

Already the so-called SS Stavronikite is a shipwreck to be explored in the waters of St James. Divers are fascinated by this wreck which was purposely positioned underwater to act as a reef in the mid-70's. More than 100 feet below the water's surface, the region offers some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean and it is fascinating for advanced divers to traverse.

Diving in Barbados is undoubtedly an unmissable experience for any visitor. Sea urchins, lionfish, small sharks, sea turtles are just some of the exotic species present in the country's seas. Blue waters with rich biodiversity invite everyone to discover the underwater beauties of the Caribbean.


Barbados Channel

Located at the end of a chain of Caribbean islands, Barbados is a unique and idyllic destination. With lush beaches and breathtaking landscapes, the Island is also rich in cultural, gastronomic and historical options for all types of travelers. No wonder its capital, Bridgetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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