New digital events for September and October at BM

Bureau Mundo, a digital tourism connection platform, continues to promote virtual events with relevant professionals in the market.

In September – 20/09 at 17pm – on the Sonder channel, Leandro Aragonez, Manager of Global Partnerships and Sponsors of the Annual Convention at IGLTA, will reveal the main information about the convention as well as tips for participating in this type of event productively and more information about the industry.

In October, on the 10th, at 16pm, Dina Barile will be at Bureau Experience, to share unique experiences from your travels. The journalist, who has traveled to more than 150 countries and was the first Brazilian to go into the stratosphere, will talk about her experiences throughout her travels and her main lessons learned.

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Bureau Mundo is a digital ecosystem dedicated to the tourism industry. Through events, courses, campaigns, training and other customized solutions, the portal enhances the reach and network of its partners in the industry and creates a collaborative mindset among its players. From July 2020 to March 2022, the Bureau received over 20 visitors. Of these, more than 2.000 are registered tourism professionals. The platform has already received more than 112 thousand views, broadcast more than 46 hours of live content – ​​now also available on demand.

Top DMC brings together LATAM partners in a Top Action project

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Christmas in Blumenau marks the return of celebrations in the city

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Capital of Beer in Brazil, Blumenau offers tourist itineraries and themed parties

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Bureau Mundo digital platform launches Destination Florianópolis course with the main information about tourism in the destination

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