Talking about Blumenau without mentioning beer is an almost impossible task. The city considered the National Capital of Beer is home to several craft breweries and the Oktoberfest Blumenau, the second largest in the world and the largest German party in the Americas. In 2022, the event is already scheduled: October 5th to 23rd.

The history of beer in Blumenau begins with the German colonization and the foundation of the city in 1850. The drink was already part of the culture of the German settlers who settled in the region and produced beers in their homes. The first beer producer, Cervejaria Hosang, was created just 10 years after the foundation of Blumenau by the immigrant Heinrich Hosang and was active until 1923.

Subsequently, other breweries were established in the city and in the region, preserving the tradition of the first settlers. Another pioneer, still in the 19th century, was the Feldmann brewery, which today houses the Vila Itoupava Cultural Center., space for educational events and activities.

Beer Museum

Today, in addition to being produced and consumed locally, beer is one of the main tourist attractions in Blumenau. One of the essential tours is the Beer Museum. Installed in the historic center of the city, there are exposed the origins of beer production in the city and the machinery used by the first breweries. Barrels from the first Oktoberfest Blumenau, manufacturing utensils and old bottles that marked the history of beer production in the city and in the country reveal curiosities that include everything from the preparation to the bottling of the drink.

A pioneer in the production of craft beer in Brazil, Blumenau offers an itinerary for those who enjoy the drink and want to know a little more about the tourist attractions related to it. In addition to the Beer Museum, the route visits award-winning factories and craft breweries, passes traditional restaurants and allows tourists to cycle through natural areas of preserved Atlantic Forest and take a mini-course of beer tasting at the Escola Superior de Cerveja e Malt.. It's a tour that drinking enthusiasts can't miss.


A Oktoberfest Blumenau is without a doubt the biggest event in the European Valley region. The party, which has been taking place since 1984, lasts 19 days and celebrates German culture and beer. However, the destination also hosts two other great festivals that honor the drink. At the National Beer Festival, visitors can taste the flavors and singularities of the different types of national beers. already the Sommerfest Blumenau It is a summer festival that takes place in the first month of the year and features cultural performances and beer tasting. In 2022, the party is scheduled for January 13,14,15, 20, 21, 22, XNUMX and XNUMX.

To learn more about Blumenau, visit  www.turismoblumenau.com.br and the website  www.gvaticias.com.

About Blumenau

Municipality of the State of Santa Catarina, located in the region of the European Valley, Blumenau was  colonized in 1850 by the German pharmacist and philosopher Dr. Hermann Bruno Otto  Blumenau, who arrived in the city accompanied by 17 other settlers, also from Germany. Later, immigrants arrived from Italy and Poland. Blumenau has a series of  attractions such as museums, monuments, squares and half-timbered houses, in addition to organizing  events and parties responsible for increasing the local economy and moving  thousands of tourists. The city hosts the Oktoberfest Blumenau, the second largest in the world and the  biggest German party in the Americas, and is officially the Brazilian Capital of Beer.  Blumenau is among the ten largest and best cities in Brazil and holds the Safe seals  Travels, from WTTC, and Viaje+SC, from Santur, which qualifies it as a safe destination for the  tourism.


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