The platform aimed at the tourism sector intends, with the new tool, to expand its accessibility and usability

The idea behind Bureau Mundo's partnership with Rybená is that everyone can engage and contribute to the discussions that arise on the platform.

Bureau Mundo (BM) consists of a global digital platform that has a variety of dynamic tools that aim to enhance results as well as foster collaboration with a view to having a positive impact on the conduct and execution of business activities. marketing, communication, education and networking intended for the tourism sector.

The objective of this platform is not only to debate the tourism sector, but also to be innovative in its support for professionals and companies in the travel sector and to reach as wide and diverse an audience as possible. The idea behind the partnership with Rybená is that everyone can engage and contribute to these discussions. 

Bearing in mind this purpose associated with the desire to provide a better experience for users of its website, Bureau Mundo, with the support of the digital accessibility company Rybená, proposed to be one of the pioneers in making its website more accessible to people with disabilities or with some type of difficulty. In addition, the platform aims to draw attention to the lack of accessibility and inclusion resources on most Brazilian websites and encourage other companies to do the same. 

Bureau World, with the support of the digital accessibility company Rybená, set out to be one of the pioneers in making its website more accessible and now offers tools on its website that help with accessibility such as Libras, voice and reading resources. Photo taken from Rybená's official website.

Rybená is now available on the Bureau Mundo website and includes resources for Libras (Brazilian Sign Language), voice, reading, among others. Check it out below:

Images taken from Rybená's official website.

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