Barbados is a country of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and cuisine, and, of course, lush beaches that enchant all visitors. However, towards the interior of the country, it is possible to find several land attractions for those who want to know the country beyond its beaches. Discover below some of the possibilities on land that the country offers.

photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc

safari on the island

When thinking of safari, the image of African savannahs and wild animals is the first to come to mind. In Barbados, there are no big wild animals, however the safari on the island especially explores the beauties and regions of the country still unknown by most tourists. In a 4×4, on bumpy roads, visitors can get to know the interior of the island and its surprises.

race car

Bushy Park Racing Circuit offers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a racing car and experience something unusual. For lovers of speed, there are driving experiences for everyone in the family. It is up to visitors to decide which maneuvers they want to explore.

photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc

Harrison's Cave Hike and Eco Tour

The route called Harrison's Cave Hiking and Eco Tour it's mostly known for its beauty and illustrious display of stalagmites and stalactites, but that's not all it has to offer. For visitors who want a true adventure, this cave is an experience made up of hiking, swimming and dark spots that require adequate equipment to reach the end of the route.

photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc


O ATV Quest Barbados allows visitors to tackle the island's hills and cliffs alone. With pre-driving training so that tourists can learn how to drive the ATV safely, it is possible to discover the island in a unique and fun way. Accompanied by guides, visitors can not only see the beauty of the island, but also learn a little about its history. 

Tour gastronomic

The company Lickrish Food Tours, offers an essential itinerary for gastronomy lovers. The Bridgetown Walking Tour takes enthusiasts through a variety of local dining establishments to get a taste of the island. In addition to the restaurants, the tour also includes monuments and tourist spots where tourists can discover the history behind the flavours. There are also options for night walks through the famous St.Lawrence Gap em Christchurch, where you can discover the best restaurants on the island and enjoy cocktails and desserts. These food tours are great ways to appreciate the local dishes and culture.

Bike trail

Cycling around the island can be an adrenaline-charged activity. Although it is a relatively flat island, it still has many impressive hills and curves that can be quite a challenge for riders. These trails can be a little more exciting than a flatter route, but flat routes offer a chance to look out over the country and scenery while riding your bike. And renting a bike is easy, many companies rent it to tourists along with protective equipment, including Bike Caribbean

Rally by the island

The call Mud Dogs Rally are rally competitions, which promote entertainment to visitors. Even as spectators, the tournament, where skill, rough terrain, 4×4 vehicles and mud meet, is an option for tourists to have fun too. The event is organized by Barbados Rally Club and takes place from March to November.

party in one Party Bus

Painted in highly attractive bright colors, the party buses are an option for tourists who like to party while on vacation. The windowless wooden vehicle plays loud music and has become a major attraction for visitors. These buses take tourists on a tour of the island while eating, drinking and enjoying the scenery. Tours are organized by Trainline Adventures of Bajan Bus. If the traveler seeks greater privacy there is the option of Sun Tours, in which a closed bus is offered with the same experiences.


Barbados Channel

Located at the end of a chain of Caribbean islands, Barbados is a unique and idyllic destination. With lush beaches and breathtaking landscapes, the Island is also rich in cultural, gastronomic and historical options for all types of travelers. No wonder its capital, Bridgetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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