“Sonder Convida” welcomes influencers Fabia Fuzeti and Gabi Torrezan for new program

The couple of influencers who have been producing content about LGBT tourism since 2014 share tips and information about different destinations

The "Sonder invites, a program on the Sonder channel, will feature Fabia Fuzeti and Gabi Torrezani, from the channel foreign.

With themes that involve LGBT tourism and diversity, the “probe invites", a program on the Sonder channel, will feature Fabia Fuzeti and Gabi Torrezani, from the channel Foreign Travel. The influencers, who also run the video production company Gasolina Filmes, will participate in the chat with Rangel Vilas Boas, founder of Sonder, on the next day August 02 at 11pm on the platform Bureau World. To access, simply register through the link: https://bureaumundo.com/calendario/sonder-convida-gabi-e-faby/ .

The new episode, which focuses on the female perspective, brings information about travel and destinations, with a view focused on the behavior of the tourism market aimed at the lesbian public. This niche of LGBT tourism shows growth and more targeted actions, such as the first festival for lesbians in Latin America, Garotas ao Mar, which will take place in 2024.

"We believe that it is important to bring this female vision into the debate. Normally, the LGBT tourism market focuses a lot on the gay public, leaving aside the demands of lesbian, bi and trans women, as well as non-binary people. We need serious and complex research that understands the multifaceted demands and desires of each of the letters of our acronym”, highlighted Fábia Funzeti.

Gabi Torrezan and Fabia Fuzeti  from the Estrangeiras Viagens channel

The "probe invites” takes place the week after the LGBT+ Tourism Expo, an event that brought together big names in the market for networking activities and reflection on different issues of LGBT+ tourism. The creator and director of the event, Alex Bernarde, was the guest of the last episode of the channel, which can be seen in the on-demand format through the link: https://bureaumundo.com/canais/canal-sonder/.

The channel Special is the Bureau Mundo space dedicated to diversity and tourism issues. It is possible to find the other editions of the “probe invites” and exclusive content.


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