About Bureau Mundo

The platform offers a digital environment of exclusive services and experiences for the tourism industry.

Aiming to generate connection and synergy between all stakeholders in the travel industry through events, on-demand courses, campaigns and other integrated solutions. Thus, we foster digital transformation for the entire production chain of the sector, prioritizing the culture of cooperation, rather than competition.

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We see the giant potential of the tourism industry and aim to be the main global meeting point for this sector, bringing together more and more suppliers, professionals, communicators and consumers, always generating more opportunities for everyone.

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The tourism industry is complex and made up of a combination of different sectors of the economy. There are also a huge amount of suppliers around the world that are constantly evolving and changing. It's a big challenge to be 100% in line with all the news and keep in touch with so many people from so many places in the world.

Our tools were specially developed to meet the needs of the travel industry, going far beyond practicality, as we combine them with strategy and communication. By bringing all stakeholders to the platform, we create a collaborative ecosystem, which guarantees the organic expansion of an extremely qualified audience.