Tourism sector has best result since 2014

The resumption of activities in 2022 led to revenues of 18,1 billion by the month of September

With the sector's boost, activities related to Brazilian tourism registered a turnover of R$ 18,1 billion in September, the best result since 2014, which at the time registered R$ 19,8 billion. Using as a basis the monthly surveys by the Tourism Council of the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of São Paulo (FecomercioSP), based on data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the amount for the year 2022 is 29,2% higher when compared to the same period in 2021.

This result was mainly stimulated by air transport, which generated the highest revenue of the year: approximately R$ 6,1 billion. Due to this growth in the air department, there was an incentive in the demand for other areas of tourism such as: accommodation and food services, generating around R$ 5 billion for tourism in the country.

Regarding hotel demand, air transport contributed to the sector surpassing pre-pandemic levels with the occupancy rate and revenue. Land transport recorded growth of 20% (revenue of R$ 2,9 billion), according to the Federation survey. Cultural, recreational and sports activities also continued positively and recorded annual growth of 19,7% (revenue of R$ 1,27 billion).

Taking into account the estimates, the president of the FecomercioSP Tourism Board, Mariana Aldrigui, positively assesses the scenario for the coming months in tourism, considering the combination of the World Cup, high season, school holidays and the greater demand for alternative national destinations to trips abroad. 

Another relevant point is the data related to responsible tourism. According to FecomercioSP, almost 32 Responsible Tourism stamps were issued, representing the commitment of the tourist trade to adhere to good conduct practices and a gradual change in the sector.


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