“What is your Seychelles?”: New Collab Seychelles campaign will award agents from all over Brazil with famtrip to destination

In order to stimulate the growing interest in the destination, Collab Seychelles, a project organized by the Seychelles tourism office in Brazil, Global Vision Access, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies of Rio Grande do Sul (ABAV-RS). ) and the operators of Mercatur Premium and Orion Operadora, will launch the campaign “What is your Seychelles?” on June 7th. The incentive campaign will run until September 30 and will be open to agents across the country.

The four agents with the highest number of sales made with any of the two operators of the project (two from Mercatur Premium and two from Orion Operadora) will be awarded a famtrip to Seychelles. The results will be announced on October 18th and the trip will take place between 2022 and 2023.

The new campaign promotes the Indian Ocean destination for Brazilian agents – photo: Torsten Dickmann

The launch webinar of the “What's your Seychelles?” campaign will take place on June 7, Tuesday, at 14 pm, on the ABAV channel of the Bureau Mundo platform: https://bureaumundo.com/canais/abav-rio-grande-do-sul/. During the event, employees will explain the details and regulation for participation (also available on the campaign page), as well as more information about the destination.

The president of ABAV-RS, Lucia Hoffmann Bentz, highlights: “This collaborative action between ABAV, GVA, Mercatur Premium and Orion Operadora only brings strength to the promotion of the destination here in our market, motivating the largest number of people to know more about Seychelles. and some agents have the experience of experiencing the magic of this fantastic place in loco. We as ABAV support this idea!”.

Seychelles is a destination for different profiles, with experiences, attractions and accommodation for each of them. Travel agents are invited to use the hashtag #qualeasuaseychelles and tag the profile @visiteseychelles to disseminate information about the campaign and destination on their channels, in addition to answering the campaign question with followers on social media. 

The director of operations at Mercatur Premium, Tati Finkelstein, points out the importance of promoting and training agents: “The launch of this Collab is a great and fundamental step in the training of our travel agents for this incredible destination. travelers want today: an exotic place, in the middle of Africa, a true dream in turquoise water and wild nature. But it is, above all, an extraordinary experience in hospitality, which strives for sustainability. I am sure that Seychelles will win over Brazilians and we are anticipating to deliver something different from anything our customers already know.”

About the benefits of the collaboration and the campaign, the director of Orion Operadora, Leonardo H. Barbosa, says: “Participating in this Collab between Visita Seychelles, Abav-RS and Mercatur Premium is incredible for us at Orion Operadora. We want to show that it is possible – and necessary – to work more closely together when our goals are the same: to create unforgettable trips. This exchange and joint action is very valuable, which will benefit all travel agents, bringing knowledge, training and sales opportunities and, of course, all passengers who will get to know this irreplaceable place.”

To access all content related to the campaign, go to: https://bureaumundo.com/campanhas/qual-e-a-sua-seychelles/.


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