Norway is highlighted among travelers' wishlists for 2024

Norway is highlighted among travelers' wishlists for 2024

Credit: Alex Emanuel Koch

Norway remains year after year on the main wishlists of travelers around the world as a country to visit and experience. With its unique combination of landscapes and natural phenomena, a rich cultural heritage and a visionary sustainable approach to tourism, the Scandinavian country is featured in several surveys and lists of desired destinations to visit in 2024.

Among the reasons that make Norway a dream destination are mainly the nature, culture and security that its vibrant cities provide.

Starting with the city of Bodø in the Norland region, which has been designated as Cultural Capital of Europe for 2024, with numerous cultural events every month, becoming the first city above the Arctic Circle to receive this distinction. Norway was chosen by National Geographic on its “cool list” to visit in 2024, highlighting the Nordland region. 

Forbes recently released a list of 24 tourist destinations recommended by the OvationNetwork agency, where Norway and its colorful port city Bergen are highlighted.

Norway is highlighted among travelers' wishlists for 2024

Credit: VisitNorway

In addition to being the center of culture, commerce and university studies on the west coast of Norway, Bergen is stunningly beautiful due to its architecture, the port on the fjords and the mountains. A city that mixes colors, aromas and flavors unlike any other place in the world.

The Condé Nast Traveler newspaper released an annual list of the 20 best countries in the world for adventurers and explorers, where the Scandinavian country and its fjords gain attention. Another magazine, the North American Travel and Leisure, selected the Norwegian coast and its beaches as destinations to visit, highlighting Six Senses Svart, a resort positioned at the base of the ring-shaped Svartisen glacier, which has the The objective is to be self-sufficient in energy, carbon neutral and emission-free. In addition, it features a sustainable meal program, eliminating waste and a “design laboratory” aimed at fostering innovation.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, an insurance company, carried out a survey to find out the safest places to travel in 2024, highlighting the Norwegian capital Oslo. And Norway is also on the “Travelers Choice – Things To Do” list, made by TripAdvisor, about the experience of witnessing the Northern Lights phenomenon.

Norway is highlighted among travelers' wishlists for 2024

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Norway stands out as one of the rare places in the world that offers perfect conditions to appreciate natural beauty in all its aspects. Starting with the fjords and the entire trail and landscape experience, whether admiring the stunning Aurora Borealis, one of the most impressive visual phenomena, or exploring the country under the midnight sun during the European summer, where the sun practically doesn't set. 

Norway creates a unique environment that opens up a range of nighttime attractions, such as hiking along illuminated trails, exploring the majestic fjords under the constant light in a kayak, or venturing out on guided tours to observe wildlife and its phenomena are just a few. of the activities that unfold under the enchanting atmosphere of the Norwegian night.

Additionally, Norwegian cities such as Bergen and Oslo delight visitors with their distinctive architecture, world-class museums and restaurants, and a vibrant cultural scene to browse.

Whether exploring the fjords, absorbing the culture or immersing yourself in untouched nature, Norway promises an extraordinary and memorable journey for everyone who chooses it on their wishlist as a destination this year. For more information about Norway, visit the Visit Norway official website.


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