Norway: discover the European gastronomy region

In the Nordic country, food enthusiasts will be able to enjoy local cuisine in a unique way

Take the opportunity to visit the majestic Norwegian landscapes and let the typical flavors surprise and stimulate your taste buds! – Photo by: Leikny Havik Skjærseth – Visit Norway

When you are a true lover of good meals, Norway is certainly an unmissable gastronomic destination. Take the opportunity to visit its majestic landscapes, with deep glacial fjords and breathtaking coastlines, and let the typical flavors of the country located in northern Europe surprise and stimulate your taste buds! Discover 6 surprising places to enjoy Norwegian aromas and spices:

1. Skrei in Lofoten

A delicious meal in Lofoten – Photo by: Rasmus Skaug –

The skrei, recognized as one of the best and most sustainable edible fish in the world, migrates annually to Lofoten, Vesterålen and other regions of northern Norway to spawn. Experience the peak of the fishing season from February to April.

Explore Henningsvær, a fishing village with cozy restaurants, art galleries and an active climbing community.

2. Trondheim: European Gastronomic Region

With more than 200 local producers, Trøndelag stands out as one of the most important food regions in the country. – Photo by: Marius Rua _ Buckethaus – Trøndelag

Venison, reindeer, cheese and seafood are some of the delicacies you can expect to find in the Trøndelag region, Central Norway. With more than 200 local producers, Trøndelag stands out as one of the most important food regions in the country. 

Trondheim, a historic city, is a gastronomic hotspot with Michelin restaurants as well as quirky and informal establishments.

3. Local Food Safari in Røros

Typical Sami dish. – Photo by: René Bjerregaard – Visit Norway

Røros offers a unique culinary experience: there, visitors can be guided through the history of Norway's “local food capital”. Trained guides provide a historical setting, exploring everything from what miners ate during the workday to the influence of Sami culture on trade. Røros is recognized as one of Norway's top local food regions.

4. Drink Cider in Hardanger

Enjoying a glass of cider. – Photo by: Toke Mathias Riskjær – Visit Norway

Many Norwegian cider producers are found in stunning Hardanger. In the traditional district of western Norway, you can visit a cider farm, take a cider cruise and even stay in a cider hotel in Utne.

“Hardanger Cider” now has a seal with geographic protection, ensuring authenticity, just like champagne.

5. Dine at the Largest Underwater Restaurant in the World: “Under”

Under the surface, Under is not just a restaurant, but a unique experience. – Photo by: Ivar Kvaal

Under the surface, Under is not just a restaurant, but a dining experience acclaimed with a Michelin star for its high-quality cuisine. The underwater atmosphere offers a unique combination of gastronomic delights and an exclusive atmosphere.

6. Hol: The Cheese Village

In Hol, you can try the most popular cheeses. – Photo by: Christian Roth Christensen –

Hol, between Oslo and Bergen, has transformed into a cheese paradise. Hol Ysteri, a cheese shop with more than 20 varieties from eight local producers, is one of the region's highlights.

There, you can try one of the most popular cheeses: Presthol, which comes from the milk of animals that graze on summer farms in the mountains. Also try the award-winning cheeses from the Rueslåtten factory, guaranteeing an experience rich in flavors.


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