Expert Seychelles

Expert Seychelles is a training set carried out by Go Agentes with the aim of sharing a panoramic understanding of the archipelago for agents. We will build this understanding over 04 meetings that will take place between June 28th and August 16th. Subscribe for all editions!

16.08 | Logistics in Seychelles

115 islands make up Seychelles! Knowing how to combine the islands, how to get around and which is the best option for the passenger is essential to design incredible itineraries.

02.08 | Seychelles for all profiles

Contrary to popular belief, Seychelles is not just a destination for couples. Far beyond honeymoon, the country offers experiences for groups of friends and families.

07.07 | How to choose the best hotel?

Choosing the right hotel is one of the factors that guarantee the success of a trip. Seychelles has options for all profiles. Knowing its details, differentials, gastronomy and location is essential to indicate the best option.

28.06 | Learn to sell like an expert

In this meeting we will get to know the destination, its culture, experiences and everything you can provide for your customer by selling well in Seychelles. In this training, you will learn the main routes, combinations of destinations, islands and how to design itineraries for this paradise country.

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Online course with STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) certificate

Expert Dating Seychelles

Go Agentes started the Expert Seychelles Campaign in Porto Alegre in partnership with Orion Operadora and GVA, bringing together several tourism agents.

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