Norway Expert

Conducted by Go Agents, Norway Expert is a training set created with the aim of sharing the understanding of tourism in Norway aimed at travel agents. During 3 meetings, it will be possible to learn more about the country and its attractions.

14/03 | Everything you need to know about Norway

To better understand the country, locations, logistics and everything it can offer, let's get to know a little more about Norway, its culture, geographical aspects, history and customs. Leonardo, from Orion, will introduce us to this part.

16/03 | Logistics and main tours

In this meeting, you will learn how to move between cities, which are the main routes and most famous tours to design a good itinerary. Participation of Fábio, from TGK Operadora

21/03 | Hotels and customer profiles

Here you will find out about the main hotels, ranging from budget to high standard, so that your itinerary can serve your client according to his profile.

27/04 | Expert Questions Norway

In this meeting, to close the success of the Norway Expert training set with a golden key, Livia Sá answers all the doubts of the participants.

Visit the official website of Norway and find out more information!

Get access to official information and the course on Norway in Spanish from the Visit Norway website.

Visit the Visit Norway website

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Norwegian Insights

Spring in Norway

When the white carpet of snow starts melting, it is like nature, animals and people awaken after a long sleep. 

Summer in Norway

For many, summer is sun, bathing and hot humid weather. A Norwegian Summer day, can also be like that. But also so much more.

Autumn in Norway

When the nature changes from green into yellow, orange and red – and the sky is more blue than you've ever seen before….

Winter in Norway

The white landscape is a blank sheet to fill with new experiences every day. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush…



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