Norwegian Embassy promotes campaign to raise awareness and expand the concept of green technology in Brazil

The country, considered one of the main oil exporters in the world, is also a leader in innovation and sees in Brazil strategic potential

Norway is a reference in the research and development of green technologies -photo: Tidal transit ships Ginny Louise and Umoe Firmus- Aian O'neill.

A reference in the research and development of green technologies with a focus on the energy transition, Norway seeks to expand sustainable values ​​and initiatives in Brazil. The Nordic country, which has high investments in the Brazilian energy sector, allocates 4% of these to renewable energies. In order to publicize its values ​​and principles, the Norwegian Embassy developed the webseries “Essências da Norway”, which premieres its second episode next Wednesday, June 1st, with the theme “Green Technologies”. The webseries can be accessed on the Instagram profile of the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil through the link.

The episode will be presented by lawyer and digital content creator, Paula Borges, who will address topics such as the green transition, new sources of clean energy, in addition to Norway's investments in Brazil aimed at innovation and green technologies. On the theme of the second episode, the gaúcha highlights: “It is a matter of paramount importance due to the magnitude and impact it generates on society as a whole. In addition to the preservation of natural resources and renewable solutions for the environment, it offers fewer risks than nuclear energy, for example. Among numerous benefits, it enables the creation of new jobs and investments in disadvantaged areas”.

The Embassy's campaign also aims to publicize the actions that the country is already implementing in Brazil and Norway. Among them, the Norwegian government's incentive to oil and gas producing companies to operate with the lowest possible level of CO2 emission and the use of electric vehicles stands out - in 2021, 65% of vehicles sold in the country were powered by cars. electricity.

No Brasil, os projetos de inovação implementados pela Noruega resultaram na duplicação do número de empresas norueguesas que trabalham com energias renováveis. Tecnologias como energia eólica offshore, hidrogênio, baterias, veículos elétricos e CCUS são algumas das atividades promovidas pelo país que, segundo a Embaixada, vê a cooperação internacional como uma de suas principais ferramentas. Mais ainda, a Embaixada da Noruega destacou a tendência de crescimento nos investimentos do país em energias renováveis no Brasil, à medida que empresas como Equinor, Scatec Solar, Hydro, Statkraft e Aker Solutions estão cooperando para reduzir emissões e atingir metas climáticas.

All episodes of the webseries will be available on Norwegian Embassy Instagram and will address different pillars of the Scandinavian country: Investment and Governance; Gender Equality and Diversity; Technology & Sustainable Energy; Environment & Climate Change; Culture and Hospitality.


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