Discover the most popular sports in Barbados

With pleasant weather throughout all seasons, Barbados is an ideal destination for sports, no wonder it is a key component of the country's culture. golf and equestrian sports, which attract thousands of spectators every year.

In addition, adrenaline-fueled water events such as the “Sol Rally Barbados”, as well as surfing, often attract enthusiasts from various countries. Check out some of the most popular sports in Barbados below.

Barbados is a world leader in the practice of Golf – photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc


Despite being a small island, Barbados stands out on the international golf scene. In 2006, one of the main golf clubs on the island, located in the prestigious Sandy Lane Resort, became the second Caribbean club to have the privilege of hosting the “World Golf Championships World Cup”, a world championship for the sport.

In the resort you can find different golf courses. The most renowned is greenmonkey, a par 72 course designed by architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. The course stretches over 7.000 yards and is considered one of the most challenging courses in the world – it's an excellent choice for your Caribbean golf vacation. Barbados has a lot to offer in the golf arena for both competitive players and those looking to simply enjoy the game.

Horses race 

For over a century, Thoroughbred horses have galloped at breakneck speed around the Garrison Savannah Trail. The Savannah, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is appreciated not only for its history but also for its design. Its layout allows spectators to get closer to the track, providing truly unforgettable views and experiences. Under the guidance of Barbados Turf Club, the races take place throughout the year and are an attraction for the whole family.

Each year in March at the “Sandy Lane Gold Cup”, costumed dancers, bands and well-dressed spectators gather to be a part of the big day. Owners and trainers watch anxiously as the jockey works his magic on the track. Other highly anticipated racing events are the Barbados Derby as well as the Boxing Day Stakes & Trophy where hundreds of spectators place big bets on their chosen horse and jockey.

The sport of polo in Barbados has become a permanent fixture on the island's calendar – photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc

Polo at Spectacular Grounds

Dating back to the 1880s, the popularity of polo in Barbados has made it a permanent fixture on the island's sporting calendar. The period from December to May is a busy time for sport on the island, as it coincides with the winter tourist season. Visitors are encouraged to don their protective gear and play a game or two on the spectacular grounds used to host the sport.

Although polo has been played for nearly two centuries in Barbados, in recent years more fields have been created. O Apes Hill Polo Club is considered the privileged place for sport on the island. Consisting of a training ground and a full-sized field, the club has hosted several international tournaments, as well as useful training sessions.

The polo community in Barbados not only encourages great sportsmanship through championship games, but also supports various social causes. These invites are very well supported and have proven to be fun for all ages.

Sailing the Seas of Barbados

With the abundance of water around the island, the country was chosen as the main destination for international sailing series, such as the “Round Barbados Sailing Week”. Typically held in January, competition week is seen as the kickoff for sailing events in the Caribbean. This regatta brings together experienced and novice crews maneuvering their boats through the challenging waters of the Atlantic, in order to take home a lot of rum and, of course, the prize. In addition to the excitement of racing along the island's coastline, “Barbados Sailing Week” has become known for its post-race parties, where sailors enjoy local energy and Bajan rum punch.

While sailing week is one of the most popular events, there are also smaller regattas organized throughout the year by the Barbados Sailing Association. The “Old Brigand Rum Regatta” begins at the Barbados Yacht Club in Carlisle Bay. In addition to intense competition, sailors have many opportunities to improve their skills on weekends throughout the year at the Yacht Club.

The crystalline waters of Barbados favor surfing in the region – photo: Barbados Tourism

Surfing and water sports

High waves and wild surfers are elements that make up the surfing tournaments held in Barbados every year. Hundreds of surfers and visitors gather at the “Soup Bowl” in Bathsheba to see professionals masterfully catching waves. In the past, international surfing competitions such as the APP World Tour were held on the waves on the east coast of the island.

Surfing in Barbados isn't just for professionals. The numerous beaches across the island provide options for beginners and intermediate surfers Freights Bay, on the south coast, has great waves that allow professional surfers to feel more comfortable in the water.


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