Food Capital of the Caribbean: Experience Traditional Barbadian Cuisine 

Barbados receives more and more attention from tourists for the rich local cuisine

Bajan cuisine is influenced by African, Indian, Irish, Caribbean and English cultures and the Barbadian gastronomic tradition – photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Known for its lush beaches and natural beauty, the Caribbean island of Barbados is also a reference in Caribbean cuisine. The typical cuisine of the island, known as Bajan cuisine, attracts more and more tourists seeking experiences and flavors of the Caribbean region.

With the influence of African, Indian, Irish, Caribbean and English cultures, the Barbadian gastronomic tradition has the essence of transforming simple ingredients into true flavors experiences. Thus, fresh fish and seafood, distinctive spices and peppers, as well as tropical fruits form the basis of Bajan cuisine.

In Bridgetown, the country's capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is possible to find several restaurants and options to discover the gastronomy of Barbados, but in the small fishing villages there is also no shortage of flavors for tourists to discover. The most traditional dish in the country is the “flying fish” Fried, a typical fish of the island, served in a warm bread and with Bajan pepper sauce.

Whether for its natural beauty, rich culture or unique cuisine, Barbados is a must-see destination for all travelers – photo: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Fungee and Pepperpot are some more traditional options that, similar to Brazilian dishes, take cornmeal cooked with okra, in salted water, and boiled in a paste and pepper, accompanied by a variety of meats and vegetables cooked for a similar finish. soup.

Another popular flavor on the island is Macaroni Pie, or macaroni pie, which is baked macaroni with lots of cheese and pepper. The dish is one of the favorite recipes of tourists and present in several restaurants in Barbados.

Whether for the natural beauty, the rich culture or the unique cuisine, Barbados is a must-see destination for all travelers.


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