About Us

Go Agentes is a tourism school founded by Livia Sá, travel agent and director of Go Viagens Personalizadas for 9 years. Unlike most agencies, Go Viagens does not sell packages or tours, but a Personalized Itinerary. Everything is elaborated according to the profile, taste and budget of the clients. The goal is to surprise! In addition, Go Viagens organizes all the daily travel itinerary with tours, tours and walking routes. Always focusing on differentiated experiences. To share its market vision with other agents, Go Agents was created in March 2020. The objective is to show the market that travelers want more than a travel agency. It is not enough just to sell airline tickets and hotels, it is necessary to deliver experiences and differentials. You need to deliver value!

Expert Seychelles

Expert Seychelles is a training set carried out by Go Agentes with the aim of sharing a panoramic understanding of the archipelago for agents. We will build this understanding over 04 meetings that will take place between June 28th and August 16th. Subscribe for all editions!

Expert Seychelles trainings are free and anyone can sign up and attend. However, in order to participate in the Campaign, running for a technical trip to Seychelles, it is necessary to be a student at Go Agentes. If you are already a Go Agentes student, just watch the training for free. Want to be a student? Sign up further down the page, in our course, and start the path of differentiation and highlight your agency in the market.

Expert Dating Seychelles

Go Agentes started the Expert Seychelles Campaign in Porto Alegre in partnership with Orion Operadora and GVA, bringing together several tourism agents.


Take the course below to participate in the Campaign and compete for the Expert Seychelles award.

Diferenciação Vende is an express course with strategies focused on differentiation, objective classes that are fully applicable to your agency’s day-to-day activities. It is a perfect initiation to break out of the traditional molds and stand out in the market. More information about the course by WhatsApp: (12) 99635-0088.

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