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The LGBT tourism startup Sonder was launched as a travel tech in Brazil in 2017. Its proposal has always been to add knowledge and tools for travelers and players in the tourism industry to find new technologies and interaction formats, with the aim of promoting knowledge and transformation through travel.

Sonder won competitions in Brazil because of its innovative format. Rangel Vilas Boas, the name at the forefront of the project, was awarded a scholarship at the renowned Babson College in the USA, as well as leading the company to the acceleration process of the Founder Institute, an organization that encourages entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and worldwide all.

The transformation

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic was a watershed in the history of Sonder in its app format. The company also participated in the renowned Shark Tank program in Brazil, but given the challenges of the moment, it was not possible to reach a new investment.

However, the objective of transforming the tourism industry was highlighted as one of the great potentials of the project. Rangel then began to look for alternatives to continue Sonder's legacy, which today is part of a more dynamic project oriented towards the chain of travelers and tourism operators, Bureau Mundo, a platform specialized in events and online tourism courses, as well as such as certifications, among other functionalities. The new platform, in marketplace format, enables the interaction of tourism operator bases, companies and advertiser destinations. With a qualified audience and efficient and niche deliveries, the Bureau already has more than 2.000 users and clients from Norway, Spain, Barbados, Seychelles, Monaco, Rio Grande do Norte, among others.

Sonder becomes, within the Bureau, an editorial for diversity and inclusion issues, especially in Tourism.


São Paulo is diversity in its essence, with cultural, gastronomic and sports attractions all year round, in addition to the most famous parade in Brazil.

Rio is poetry seasoned with natural beauty and one of the sexiest people in the world. As a toast, Carnival, the greatest show on Earth.

Cosmopolitan and charming, London is a mixture of tradition, modernity and a lot of pop and rock culture. Literature, art and history make the land of the now King even more interesting.

Tokyo is the gateway to Japan, a country that now welcomes Brazilian travelers without a visa. And the Japanese LGBT community wants to connect with travelers from around the world.


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