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The Art of Creating Visual Content in Tourism | November 21st

This event is an unmissable opportunity to hone your skills and take your visual content to a new level. If you are a tourism professional looking to captivate your audience and promote destinations and hotels in a unique way, this is the ideal event for you. Come join us and discover how to transform images and videos into powerful tools!

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The adventures of Dina Barile | October 10th

In a relaxed chat full of adventures, 67-year-old Dina Barile is an example of overcoming and determination. She speaks 4 languages ​​and has visited 150 countries and all continents.

Digital Marketing for the Tourism Market | September 05th

In this lecture on Digital Marketing for the tourism market, Thiago Akira will give a lecture on the importance of power in Digital Positioning in tourism, explaining the essential pillars and how they bring clarity to the chosen path. By strengthening all these pillars, you will have more structure for your Digital Positioning in Tourism. Come with us to seek more knowledge!

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Experience Bosnia and Herzegovina | July 18th

In this Bureau Experience, Flávio brings us his experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this country that is so little known to us Brazilians, but very surprising. Come with us in this exchange of experience!

Launch Guide Seychelles

Paradise beaches, exuberant nature and hospitality from another world. Seychelles truly is paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In the first Bureau Experience, Anelise Zanoni, journalist and author of the Seychelles Guide, will share the beauties and impressions of her experiences in the archipelago.

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