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In this chat with IHP, the proposal is to present how the concept of nature production is capable of dialoguing and interacting with ecotourism, with eco-businesses and producing an ecosystem that seeks sustainable development through dialogue with communities, respect to local customs and the coexistence between humans and wildlife.

The Instituto Homem Pantaneiro (IHP) is a non-profit civil society organization. Founded in 2002, in Corumbá (MS), it works to conserve and preserve the Pantanal biome and local culture. Among the activities carried out by the institution, the management of protected areas, the development and support of scientific research and the promotion of dialogue between actors with an interest in the area stand out. The programs that the Institute operates are Rede Amolar, Cabeceiras do Pantanal, Amolar Experience, Felinos Pantaneiros, Memorial do Homem Pantaneiro, Brigada Alto Pantanal and Strategies for Nature Conservation. Find out more at https://institutohomempantaneiro.org.br/. The IHP is also part of the Pantanal Observatory.

Isabelle Bueno
Isabelle Bueno
Pantaneiro Man Institute
Operations coordinator

Participants: Isabelle Bueno, a Pantanal native passionate about nature, who coordinates IHP operations to optimize energy and resources for conservation. It also manages tourism actions by the Institute, to strengthen activities with communities, managing to develop nature production.