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In this lecture on Digital Marketing for the tourism market, Thiago Akira will give a lecture on the importance of power in Digital Positioning in tourism, explaining the essential pillars and how they bring clarity to the chosen path. By strengthening all these pillars, you will have more structure for your Digital Positioning in Tourism. Come with us to seek more knowledge!

Thiago Akira
Thiago Akira
Consultant and Speaker of Digital Marketing in Tourism

Thiago Akira acts as a Consultant and speaker of Digital Marketing for Tourism. He teaches Courses, Workshops and Lectures throughout the country. He undertakes since 2012 in Tourism and since 2003 in Digital Marketing. Enthusiastic about Digital Transformation in Tourism, he empowers brands and trade professionals with knowledge and techniques in Marketing, Community, Content and Digital Positioning. He has other businesses in the area of ​​Immersive Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse in Tourism. Also Marketing Director at Macna hotel manager in Belo Horizonte/MG and Columnist for Jornal Brasilturis and Portal Uai Turismo. Lecturer at Polo Lecturers and Lecturers of Tourism. It serves private and public clients, such as Travel Agencies, Hospitality, Attractions and Destinations.