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In a relaxed chat full of adventures, 67-year-old Dina Barile is an example of overcoming and determination. She speaks 4 languages ​​and has visited 150 countries and all continents. The journalist opens her heart and tells about all her countless exploits and adventures around the world, including the record of being the first and only Brazilian woman to venture into the Stratosphere. We invite everyone to go on a Tourist and Gastronomic Tour with Dina across all Continents, as well as to learn the details of her latest adventure, a very difficult trek in search of mountain gorillas, which are endangered in Uganda.

Dina Barile
Dina Barile
Content and Writing Director

Dina Barile is a journalist, received the title of Doctor in Travelology, after traveling to 140 countries and setting foot on all continents. She received a trophy from Rank Brasil for being the first and only Brazilian woman to have been in the STRATOSPHERA. She tried the cuisine of every country she visited. Expert in the topics of Tourism, Gastronomy and Beauty, she invites all her readers to a Tourist and Gastronomic Tour across all Continents.