Specialist in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Academy of Travel Agents Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) opens the doors to a new and fascinating travel destination.

Be an expert in Bosnia and Herzegovina, entitled to a certificate. With the specialist course, you will learn more about this country, going through its natural beauties, tourist attractions, religions and its rich culture.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a remarkably unchanged and stunningly beautiful country, has become one of the most varied and exotic destinations for leisure travelers in Europe.

The country is green, mountainous, rich in biodiversity and sparsely populated, enjoying long hot summers and plenty of snow for skiing in the winter months. The living culture is as rich and diverse as the region's incredible history.

With globally significant natural and historical attractions, including 3 UNESCO-listed sites, relatively inexpensive quality accommodation, a professional and innovative local tourism industry, Bosnia and Herzegovina can offer high-value, unforgettable travel experiences to a wide range of segments. on a trip.
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