Barbados conducts training for tourism professionals with Go Agentes at Bureau Mundo

With three episodes, “Expert Barbados” revealed the main information for planning and organizing trips to the destination, in addition to counting on experts from the Caribbean country

Credit: Visit Barbados

The Caribbean destination Barbados held a series of live training sessions for Brazilian tourism professionals last week, in partnership with Go Agentes and the digital platform Bureau Mundo.

Called “Expert Barbados“, there were three days of meetings with the director of the Go Viagens agency, Lívia Sá, who presented to around 300 tour agents and operators the main features and options of both hotels, specific itineraries and traveler profiles.

The first training began on January 15th and was attended by Russell Banfield, responsible for sales development at BTMI (Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc), who represented the destination and welcomed the professionals.

“Our objective is to encourage, develop and apply actions to promote the Barbados destination in Latin America. In September 2023 I moved to Brazil, to work in Brasília within the Embassy of Barbados, so that we could have a physical home in Brazil and be able to assist professionals in the best possible way”, commented Russel Banfield

The representative also highlighted the country's many attractions: “You will be enchanted by Barbados after this training with Lívia, it is an authentic experience of the Caribbean region, in addition to our beautiful beaches, you will find a very rich culture and history. I'm sure they will be delighted with our destination.” 

The second day of training took place on January 17th with the theme Itineraries and Traveler Profiles, in which the combined options that best exemplify the experience of visiting the destination, the main attractions, transportation logistics, in addition to the main audience profiles and what options Barbados offers for each of them.

The last day of Expert Barbados addressed the Caribbean country's hospitality industry and was attended by professionals from the Hilton hotel chain, the global sales manager, Ivo Berger, and Milton D'onofrio, representative of Hilton hotels in Barbados, to present the brands and concepts of Hilton hotels and their options within the Barbados destination. 

“It is a pleasure to be in the presence of all of you and to be able to show Barbados to Brazilian professionals. We have wonderful hotels within Barbados to match the excellence of the destination and its options. We look forward to welcoming Brazilian visitors so they can experience everything we are showing in this training”, added Milton D'onofrio.

The training series is also available in an on-demand format and provides an official certificate for everyone who completes the course. To find out more about Expert Barbados, click here the Go Agentes Channel on the Bureau Mundo digital platform with all presentations and downloadable materials.


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