Barbados Food and Rum Festival returns to the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean

The traditional culinary festival is back on the Barbados calendar with a new purpose

The Barbados Food and Rum Festival has returned to the food scene, after a two-year hiatus – photo: Barbados Tourism

With a special focus on nurturing and nurturing the island's future culinary talent, the Barbados Food and Rum Festival has returned to the food scene after a two-year hiatus under the theme: “Feeding the Future”.

The Festival, held from October 27th to 30th, gained a new purpose as part of the proceeds were allocated to fund two cooking courses at the Jean and Norma Holder Hospitality Institute and Hotel PomMarine, in Barbados. In addition, part of the proceeds will also go towards promoting a scholarship to a PomMarine student to study at a prestigious international culinary institution.

Barbados Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins said she believes sponsors will be proud to know that in some way they are supporting the growth of Barbados' culinary industry and fueling the future: “This aspect of the Festival is very important for me, as I believe that we are not just giving speeches, we are walking and actively creating the environment and future that our children need to grow and flourish.”

“Tourism is vast and cross-sectoral and we have identified key and critical positions within the industry to ensure the development of our future culinary talents so that Barbados can remain the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean for decades to come.”

One of the key changes at this year's event was the highlighting of the culinary talents of 29 award-winning local chefs and mixologists – including for the first time the addition of a vegan chef. The star-studded cast was joined by four international chefs, who were on the island to pair talent with the local flavors of Barbados' culinary artists.

The gastronomic celebration featured activities and events throughout the month of October. Unlike other festivals around the world, Barbados events took place all over the island, to whet everyone's appetite as the Festival approached.

The renowned chefs promoted workshops and experiences for gastronomy lovers to know even more about Barbadian cuisine, or Bajan, during the Festival. From tastings under the stars to guided tours of the country's top rum distilleries, the Festival has returned celebrating the best of Barbados cuisine.


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