Norway is highlighted among travelers' wishlists for 2024

Credit: Alex Emanuel Koch Norway remains year after year on the main wishlists of travelers around the world as a country to visit and experience. With its unique combination of landscapes and natural phenomena, a rich cultural heritage and a visionary sustainable approach to tourism, the Scandinavian country is featured in […]

Norwegian city named cultural capital of Europe for 2024

Bodø, Norway, has been designated the Cultural Capital of Europe for the year 2024, becoming the first city above the Arctic Circle to receive this distinction. This will be the third time that a Norwegian city has won the title, after Bergen (2000) and Stavanger (2008). The election of the Cultural Capital of Europe was established […]

Norway: be enchanted by destinations that care about and prioritize sustainability

Meet some places that are committed to becoming more sustainable in relation to the environment, local communities, cultural heritage and the economy. With practices that involve the preservation of the environment, the local community and the tourism industry, some Norwegian cities stand out in the country. In order to exalt and recognize such destinies it was […]

Summer in Norway: discover another side of the Nordic country

In addition to traditional houses, the inhabitants of Risør excel at making boats. They are so good that they even organize an annual wooden boat festival: Risør trebåtfestival. Kristiansand Finally Kristiansand, the southernmost city in Norway, which is known as the happy capital of the southern region. A great place to […]

Romance in Norway: check out attractions to enjoy as a couple

With stunning landscapes, unique activities in nature and romance amid the Nordic lands, Norway offers several options for couples Norway is a diverse country, full of options for different types of trips and travelers. For couples looking for a romantic trip, the Nordic country offers unusual and unforgettable options. […]

Norway offers specialization to Latin American tourism professionals

Available in Portuguese and Spanish, the course offers information about different aspects of the Nordic destination. With attractions for all seasons and different profiles, Norway is a destination to be discovered. The “Specialist in Norway” course, available on the Bureau Mundo platform in Portuguese and on the Visit Norway website in Spanish, allows […]

Norway aims to lead international climate initiative in developing countries

In Brazil, the Nordic country already invests in renewable energies and in the preservation of national ecosystems In order to reconcile development and climate policies that prioritize the preservation of ecosystems, the Norwegian government aims to assume international leadership in the investment and development of renewable energy. and climate technology in countries with […]

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