Impact Agents is the new release of the Bureau Mundo platform

Travel Agents Program is focused on positive impacts for tourism professionals and follows developments with a more accessible platform

Impact Agents is the new release of the Bureau Mundo platform

Created to be the digital meeting point for the travel and tourism industry, the platform Bureau World debuts a new addition to its stock portfolio with its newest program “Impact Agents”.

Together with businesswoman Karla Brito, from Giro Pelo Mundo Viagens and one of the creators of Integração Trade, and professor Marcela Argollo, from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), the program was developed to train tourism professionals in their growth journey by promoting positive impacts. 

On February 29th, Karla Brito and Marcela Argollo participated in a live broadcast on Bureau Mundo to explain the entire “itinerary” of the Agentes de Impacto program as well as other information such as calendar, prices, modules and schedule of live classes and content on demand. Click here to watch.

The program will be divided into five seasons, which will be deepened over time, aiming to enhance the protagonism of professionals in the sector for more regenerative tourism. With the objective of enabling agents to understand and effectively apply their purposes, structure internal operations, offering a positive and productive path for those who wish to prosper in the tourism industry, following the development and trends of the sector.

The program offers a comprehensive set of activities to enrich the learning experience with practical and explanatory content and materials, classes and monthly live streams for questions and interaction, all of which are made available on demand for access.

The new program is sponsored by Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Foundation (Fundtur), an entity internationally recognized for promoting sustainable tourism. You also find the Mato Grosso do Sul Channel with a course on Bonito and Pantanal and various content about the destination.

The training will include a certificate of completion issued by Bureau Mundo.

To find out more about the program, contact the Bureau Mundo platform at: [email protected]


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