Norway Insights 2021
  • Data: November 3rd to 4th, 2021
  • Horário: 14h00 to 16h00
  • GMT: +1 GMT - Oslo
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Local: Visit Norway Insights Channel
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Once a month, VisitNorway would like to take you on a digital journey to Norway, digging deeper in to a specific theme. Through virtual trips, seminars and chat rooms with Norwegian destinations, we hope to broaden your horizon and knowledge about what Norway has to offer, inspiring you to make new programs, or extend existing programs – adding more value, experiences and introducing the Norwegian soul to your clients. We hereby give you Norway Insight!
In November 2021, the chosen theme is Adventure. With steep mountains, fjords, mountain plateaus, lakes, forests and coastline, adventure experiences awaits everyone, whether you are at beginner level or the most experienced and skilled. Norway’s location at the top of Europe, and blessed by the gulf stream, offers mild summers and snow safe winters. We have since the beginning of time been adventurers and explorers. We challenge you to come and find your inner explorer!

Gøril Ovesen
Gøril Ovesen
Northern Norway
Glenn Roar Berge & Maria Johrde
Glenn Roar Berge & Maria Johrde
Mountains of Norway
Erik Engenes
Erik Engenes
Southern Norway
Marianne Johnsen
Marianne Johnsen
Fjord Norway

A bit more about our virtual fam tours experiences:
Travelling has not been a possibility during the pandemic. But seeing is believing. Therefore, we would like to take you with us on virtual fam tours, which gives you a live experience on adventures in Norway – through your computer. Destinations will give you a taste and a feeling of being there in real life. All you have to do, is joining us on the link. And then – from your own comfy chair, you will be taken on a fun, interesting and educational virtual trip to Norway!