Norway Insights 2022
  • Data: June 15th, 2022
  • Horário: 14h00 to 16h00
  • GMT: +2 GMT - Oslo
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Norway – a country of contrasts. The coastline, mountain plateaus and inland is what makes Norway such a wonderful country offering so much to experience with different activities, but also within nature experiences. You can experience snow in the mountain, and 20 minutes later, coming down to the narrow fjord – where the grass is green, flowers are in bloom, and birds are singing.
And travelling from South to Norway, halfway there, you will cross the Polar Circle. You are now entering the magic of the Arctic, where the sun never sets during summer, and the Northern lights dances across the skies during Autumn and Winter.
Four different seasons – all full of magic experiences. And with so many contrasts in where you choose to experience them. Norway is not fully experienced with just one visit. So welcome to Norway – again and again, and, please, stay for a while!

Marco Bertolini
Marco Bertolini
Visit Norway
Kari Aarnes
Kari Aarnes
Visit Trondheim
Marianne Johnsen
Marianne Johnsen
Fjord Norway
Glenn Roar Berge & Maria Johrde
Glenn Roar Berge & Maria Johrde
Mountains of Norway

Summer edition: For many, summer is sun, bathing and hot humid weather. A Norwegian Summer day, can also be like that. But also so much more. Get wind in your hair standing on a mountain top, or at the coast while the waves gives you salty showers. Put on your skis or snow shoes, and enjoy glacier skiing just wearing shorts and a tshirt. Play golf at 2am under the Midnight sun. Or enjoy a festival with bands playing till dawn. Please, stay for a while!